How Do I Learn the Art of Origami?

Origami is an art from Japan that has managed to achieve a lot of lasting popularity outside of the country and into the West. Lots of people love the idea that they can take plain squares of paper and turn them into something beautiful. Origami could be considered a form of abstract art, particularly when it comes to some of the interesting shapes that people can come up with when it comes to this deceptively simple craft.

Origami as a Craft

Really, origami is a craft rather than an art, given the high amount of structure involved and the fact that there is a procedure for creating a set of origami pieces. However, people can still get creative within the confines of this craft. Origami has been a source of creative expression for countless people, and it can continue to be that way.

Lots of people are familiar with origami art, but not a lot of people know how to do it. Some people might find it somewhat intimidating at first. Other people might find the origami diagrams confusing. However, once people learn the basics of origami, they will usually find that it is easier to pick up more of the complex patterns that seemed so elusive before that point. There is much more to origami than mere paper folding. People will quickly see what a beautiful abstract art form that it represents.